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Bachelor Party Strippers

Showtime Strippers has made hiring a bachelor party stripper an easy, safe and fun process. Booking a female exotic dancer for a bachelor party has never been easier. If you are in charge of handling the entertainment for a bachelor party you have probably asked yourself should I or shouldn't I hire female strippers for our bachelor party. Well Showtime Strippers is here to help. Every bachelor is different and we have the perfect female exotic dancer for him. This night is all about the groom and our beautiful female strippers are there to shower him with attention.

Booking a Bachelor Party Stripper

The process is simple and easy. You can either call our friendly staff or fill out an online reservation and our staff will get back to you immediately. Once you decide a date, time and location for your bachelor party, the rest is simple. We will guide you through the process and assure that your party gets the most fun and beautiful female exotic dancers in the industry.

What to expect at your Bachelor Party

The night is here, it's time for your bachelor party and your female stripper is on his way. I'm sure right now all the guys are anxious and excited and not quite sure what to expect. No need to worry. Just sit back and relax and have a drink or a few. Showtime Strippers female exotic dancers are all industry professionals and provide top quality entertainment. Your female stripper will call or text to let you know they are on their way and what time they will be arriving. If it is a surprise for the groom, your female stripper can coordinate how she should enter your house or hotel. Surprises are always great and fun!!! The more girls the merrier for bachelor parties, you may want to book 2 or 3 for your party. Our female strippers love to work together and have special dances and games that they will play together while they give the groom a night to remember.

Stripper Party Games

For many of you it will be your first experience with a private female exotic dancer and you may be curious about what types of fun games or dances they perform. The initial performance will be for the guest of honor or the groom and will usually be a dance performance along with a lap dance and a sexy striptease for the groom with the focus all on him. We recommend bringing cash and dollar bills if you like what you see, feel free to let your dancer know you do by tipping. The dancer will also play other party games with everybody participating, but also making sure the focus is on the groom. So what types of "games"? Well to go along with your regular lap dances your female stripper will also perform lying down floor dances, games including whipped cream or chocolate sauce and dollar bills (you'll have to use your imagination there). Your female stripper will perform some creative body shots in ways you've never seen before. If you're taking part in the full hour show you'll be amazed to see so many different tricks and turns and flips performed by your female stripper as well as flexibility that you may have never thought possible. The guys at your party will be talking about it for years to come.

At the end of your party your bachelor party stripper will offer other individual dances for party goers. I'm sure at this point all the guys at the party will be quite worked up and wondering how we have that specific dancer back again in the future. Simple, make sure to get your dancer’s name or take one of the business cards they leave and you can call or book online and ask for that specific dancer for your next party. Make sure to reference you are a returning customer; your female strippers always appreciate positive feedback.

Why hire a Bachelor Party Stripper?

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the groom and you want to make sure you give him a night he will remember for the rest of his life. There are many different forms of entertainment for a bachelor party such as going to the strip club or bar, but you'll be glad you made the decision to hire one of our sexy private female strippers instead. Remember, this night is all about your groom and the focus should be on him. Our female strippers will make sure of that. Plus, the drinks are a lot cheaper at home. Your stripper will leave a lasting memory that you and all your party guests will be talking about for the rest of your lives. You'll be famous in your group for making the decision to book with Showtime Strippers. All of our women are hot, sexy and courteous and will make sure you feel comfortable.

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